Accelhullrate is a video-game-wanna-be slot racer game coursework I did for the module “Real Time Graphics” in my Master’s during the first semester. For this project I created a 3D engine from scratch, called EOS. I can admit that I was lazy to do the game logic part for this project. I implemented almost all the graphics features but very few game logic related ones. While the game is using OpenGL 2.0 for rendering, I didn’t use any OpenGL 3.x deprecated functions. The only exception was the code for the GUI rendering where I used fixed function and immediate mode. The following are the main features of the game/engine:

  • Shader-based 3D Engine (GLSL)
  • Per-pixel lighting
  • Sphere mapping reflections
  • Sky-dome with dynamic day-night cycle
  • OBJ file loading
  • Water and fire particle systems
  • Simple terrain rendering
  • GUI Rendering


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