Hello again!

It has been a while since my last blog post. The last 9 months have been very busy and I did’t have the time to post anything. Anyways.. Last Christmas I decided to visit Greece for about 10 days. Luckily my flight had a 12-hour connection in Amsterdam! 😀 Woohoo! After landing I hopped on the train going to the city center immediately. A few minutes later I arrived at Amsterdam Centraal. What can I say about Amsterdam? It was definitely a nice city. Walking in the city center was very pleasant. A lot of canals and alleys all over the place. The old traditional houses were also amazing. All of them clean and in perfect shape. In the past I’ve heard some people saying that Amsterdam is not a clean city but I won’t agree. It was clean enough for a big city with a population of approximately 1 million. I was also amazed with the people. All of them well dressed and good looking. I didn’t see a single drunk or homeless person wandering around. Something else that I have to mention is that Amsterdam city center had a gazillion small cafes, shops restaurants. All of them clean and welcoming. Unfortunately the weather didn’t help a lot that day. Three hours after my arrival to the city center the weather went rain-crazy. I found a nice restaurant to have lunch/dinner and then I went back to the airport to wait for my flight.

And that was my very short Amsterdam adventure. If you want to visit a nice place with nice people and a chilled atmosphere you should definitely consider Amsterdam.