Deferred Rendering with OpenSceneGraph

Hello folks! 😀

The last 3 years I was always like “I am going to make a deferred renderer soon”, but for some reason I was always postponing it! 😀 It was time to cut the BS and implement it! Because my own 3D engine is still at a very early development stage, I used OpenSceneGraph (OSG) to implement deferred shading. Why OSG? We use it a lot at work and so I am familiar with it. I did a very simple implementation with only diffuse lighting and one light. No optimizations no anything. I spent about 5 hours for reading and implementing it. I am not going to spend more time on it because it is based on OSG and not on my 3D engine.
I liked the fact that deferred shading is so easy to implement and there are no any tough maths behind it. When I will implement deferred shading in my 3D engine I might write a short tutorial for this awesome technique!