For a very long time I had this desire to visit Australia. It was looking like the best place on earth! So, the day came and I flew to Australia. And guess what??? Australia is the best place on earth! 😀 I visited four big cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Each one of them had something different and nice to show me. 😀

I loved Melbourne! I can say it is my favorite city in the world so far! Seriously, I couldn’t find something bad in this city! Everything was just perfect! Nice weather, warm and welcome people, excellent transportation system, nice places and parks to walk and relax.
I loved to walk the small street lanes in the town center or the pavements along the river. During my stay there I also made 3 new friends! One Australian, one French and one Greek! Unfortunately I stayed in Melbourne only for 4 nights which are definitely not enough. But well, I had to so to Syndey! 😀

Oh my God! It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Sydney is a big city, more busy and noisy than Melbourne. The Opera House and the Sydney bridge were fabulous. They looked fake to me, because till that day I had only seen them in pictures or on TV! Sydney didn’t have the “relaxed” atmosphere like Melbourne (actually it had it but not in a very big scale like Melbourne), but it had…. nice beaches! 😀 The weather was hot those days and it would be a sin not to visit Manly beach. The beach and the ocean were amazing! I really enjoyed swimming there! Like in Melbourne, in Sydney I did two new friends, one American and one Japanese. Before I realize that I was in Sydney 4 days passed and I had to leave for Gold Coast!

Gold Coast
Gold Coast is the paradise for all the surfers. I was amazed by the extremely looooooooooong beach with the huge waves. You could see surfers all over the place surfing all day long. No matter the weather there were keep surfing! Unfortunately, all three days I stayed in Queensland the weather was not good. It was raining everyday. Of course, the rain didn’t stop me from having good time! There is a zoo in Gold Coast, called Wildlife Sanctuary. There you can find lots of different Australian animals. And guess what? I fed kangaroos!! Woohoooo!!! It was really fun! 😀 Unfortunately, they didn’t allow me to get one back home. 😛 Like in all the previous cities, I made a new friend (Canadian). It is funny because all the friends I did in Australia were from different places from all over the world! :D. Gold Coast was nice but it would be wrong not to visit the capital of Queensland which is only a couple of hours away: Brisbane.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the 3rd biggest city in Australia. It was not very busy like Melbourne or Sydney but I liked it. It didn’t have Sydney’s beaches or Melbourne’s parks and relaxed atmosphere, but it was a medium size warm and clean city. I had some walks around for abut 6 hours. Then i had to go back to Gold Coast. And that was my adventures in Queensland.

My holidays were over. I had to go back to Glasgow now. Usually, when I go somewhere for holidays, the last days I am like “OK, I think this is enough, I have to go back home now.” For first time in my life I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to stay there. While I was in Melbourne airport waiting for my flight, I was creating stories in my mind, with me staying in Australia and never going back home. 😛 But, well… I had to go back if I wanted to keep my job! 😛

So… that’s it guys! My Australian adventure story ends here. Australia is the nicest place I have ever been so far. It had everything and at the same time it had nothing bad. I definitely suggest you to visit Australia if you have the chance.