The thing I like the most in this academic coursework project is, believe it or not, the name! FeezeeX was a coursework for the module “Simulation and Concurrency” in the second semester of my Master’s. We had to make a distributed physics application that could take advantage of all the CPU cores. It was the first time in my life I was playing with physics programming! It was fun, but also… PAINFUL! 😛 The application will fully function with 2 instances running. Please have a look at the README file. For the rendering I used a lite version of my EOS engine with a couple additions (DDS textures, cubemaps, better GUI). The main features of FeezeeX are:

  • EOS Lite Engine based
  • Multi-threaded networking system using client server model
  • Sphere,Cylinder,Plane,Polygon collision detection and response


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