The only video game I had made before joining my Master’s was the one I did when I was still in High School. And this, because I am not really into all this game logic programming stuff. I mostly enjoy graphics and scientific programming. On the second semester of my Master’s I had the opportunity to work on a video game once again. We were a team of 6 people and our goal was to create a platform game with realistic physics and then port it to Nintendo’s GameCube. I was responsible for the following: Graphics Engine, Audio Engine, Graphics Engine for GameCube and the Character Editor. I can assure you it was really fun! Especially when we were porting the game to GameCube. 24hours in a row in the laboratory was an unforgettable experience!

  • 2D physics support using Box2D library
  • Graphics using OpenGL(PC) and GX(GameCube)
  • Audio using FMOD library
  • Level and character editor


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