Yes! I am alive!

Long time no see, right? Yes, I am still alive (not that you care but… :P)! The truth is that the past few months I have been extremely busy. Lot’s of things changed in my life. I quit my job, I traveled to the US for holidays, I decided to become an astronomer, I moved to another country (Australia), I started a PhD in astronomy, I had the chance to work with world-class scientists for very important multimillion projects and other many many exciting stuff! Hopefully I will find some free time at some point in the coming weeks to give you the details!

OMG! I have a blog now!

Hello everyone!

My name is George but my friends are calling me Bekos. As you can easily guess from the title of this blog I am a Travelholic Coder. I really like computer programming and especially computer graphics and visualization. My favorite programming languages are C and C++ and I use both OpenGL and Direct3D.

Besides programming, my other passion is travelling! So far I haven’t been in many different countries (only 5) but hopefully one day I will be able to say that I have been all over the world! :)

So… after very careful consideration, brainstorming, fighting hordes of evil monsters, nose peeking and orange juice drinking I came to the following conclusion:

I need a blog!

In this blog I will share with you my coding and travelling experiences but I will also include other science and travelling related stuff.

C ya!