At my flight back from Australia, I had a 24 hour transit in Dubai. I won’t say much about Dubai. Dubai is all about luxury and shopping. Everything was clean, big, and new. The airport, the buildings, the metro rail, everything! I can say that I was amazed with the shopping mall next to the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa. It had EVERYTHING! All kinds of shops, all the brands you can imagine, and it was cheap! 😀 But other than that, I didn’t like anything else because there was nothing else to see! Dubai is like a huge construction site. Tens of buildings, roads, artificial parks etc are under construction. Oh… I almost forget.. there is something I have to mention: All the middle east women, the ones who wear this Burqa thing (or whatever is called) had the body of a model. I didn’t see not even ONE fat middle east women in Dubai! 😛 That was really awkward. 😛

So, this is it people! You like holidays with luxury and shopping? Then you should definitely give Dubai a chance!


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